Reflections from Rome

Just over a week ago, on 14 May, we arrived in Milan and next day Emma decided to join us, after three months at Origlio Steiner School near Lugano. It was wonderful to have her with us again. We are very grateful for Paolo and Iva who very kindly hosted us for four nights in Milan

On 18 May we all flew down to Rome, where we spent three nights and two days. For me this was another part of a personal journey that began in Egypt. My grandfather was in Egypt in WW1, and my father served in both Egypt and Italy in the latter part of WW2. Visiting the Colosseum and then the Palatine (the site of the main centre of historic Rome) brought back a very clear memory of my father talking about his time here in Rome. It was a place he had wanted to bring us all, a dream that he never realised in his life. This made it particularly memorable to be here with my family.

As we walked around the ruins of a civilisation that collapsed around 1500 years ago I reflected on the cycles of nature, the rise and fall of life, of civilisations. I wondered how many of the many tourists there were consciously reflecting on this in the context of the current state of our modern world. The important message is to become conscious of cyclical nature of all things, including human civilisations. Most importantly we need to be more aware of the good things that are already rising which I believe offer us true guidance for the future.

Walking through the ruins of the Palatine, Rome
Walking through the ruins of the Palatine, Rome

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